COVID-19 in Older Persons Study (COPE)

An international Observational cohort study into the prevalence and effect of frailty on Covid-19 patients. More information can be found on the COPE tab above.

EQUal - Effect on Quality of life after Urgent Laparotomy


Assessment of Quality of Life and Frailty in Emergency Laparotomy Survivors.

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We have received a BGS Starter Grant for £8700 to study Sarcopenia and Urinary Metabolomics in older patients. We are in process of applying through IRAS and hope to put the project on the NIHR board for adoption at other sites.


Data was collected on frailty, sepsis and place of discharge for emergency surgical patients from Cardiff, Bristol, Blackpool, Aberdeen and Glasgow. We also looked at medication data for admission and discharge, with particular focus on the anticholinergic burden. 


We collected data on frailty and kidney function in emergency surgery patients across Cardiff, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Manchester and Ghent. There were no exclusion criteria 

and all acute surgical emergency admission were consecutively within the study period


Our focus was on delirium, diabetes and multimorbidity in the older surgical patient. We collected data on 413 emergency surgical patients between July and October 2014, across 5 centres in Bristol, Glasgow, Cardiff, Aberdeen and Manchester.


We looked at the prevalence of cognitive impairment and frailty in emergency general surgery patients across Bristol, Glasgow and Cardiff. We collected data on 325 people over the age of 65 years between May and June 2013, of which 204 were given a MOCA assessment. 

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